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THIS THYROID STORY IS WHAT YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST KNOW TO GET BETTER, Especially if you are taking thyroid medication but still experience fatigue, depression, constipation, cold hands/feet, weight gain or inability to lose weight, thinning hair, or dry skin/hair. 

50 years ago if you walked into a doctor’s office with a thyroid problem it was an extremely rare problem, and more importantly it was actually your thyroid that was the cause of your thyroid symptoms.

The doctor performed very basic testing which included TSH and T4. If TSH was high and T4 was low you were hypothyroid. Medication was given and symptoms were resolved.

****If you are on medication and your symptoms have not resolved this is a MAJOR RED FLAG and a reason to keep reading****

Fast forward 50 years to today.

Primary thyroid problems (meaning the thyroid is actually the problem) are still extremely rare, yet thyroid diagnosis are  on an epidemic rise. Read on as the next point is critical….

The thyroid is malfunctioning, 90-95% of the time today, SECONDARY to other issues going on in the body. THIS MEANS YOUR THYROID IS MALFUNCTIONING BECAUSE OF SOMETHING ELSE! Next point is also critical..

Doctors are still using the 50 year old model of diagnosing and treatment of your thyroid and NOT looking for the something else!

There are 9 thyroid tests you need in order to diagnose what is causing your thyroid to malfunction. Only 2 are commonly done.

Some other KEY POINTS you must know….

There is a thyroid receptor site in every cell of the body, if your thyroid is malfunctioning it means your body is not functioning well either.

Many patients suffering from thyroid problems also have many of the conditions and symptoms listed below. These are labeled “Other Common Misdiagnosed and Mistreated Conditions” Please view these to determine if you also have these common conditions and related symptoms.

I list these because many of you are suffering from multiple conditions beyond just a thyroid problem, finding a healthcare provider to understand the complexity of this and know how to fix them is critical for your recovery.


  • AutoImmune Conditions/Inflammation – Immune system attacks self cells/tissues. Symptoms include fatigue, achy muscles/joints, neuropathy, exacerbation of pain, fibromyalgia, systemic inflammation, brain fog, etc.
  • Digestive System Malfunction/Leaky Gut – Heartburn, irritable bowel, bloating, burping, abdominal pain, gas, constipation or loose bowels. Digestive malfunction can also lead to increased inflammation, swelling, asthma, allergies, depression, etc.
  • Chronic/Acute Infections – History of candida/yeast infections, UTI’s, viruses like hepatitis, Epstein Bar, Herpes, parasites, bacteria, etc. These will cause chronic inflammation due to increased immune response.
  • Liver Toxicity – fatigue, intolerance to high fat foods, abdominal pain hours after eating, dry itchy skin, nausea, pitting edema, joint pain, easy bruising, diabetes, headaches, to name a few. Liver is always involved due to the amount of toxins we are exposed to daily.
  • Anemia – usually in the form of B12/ folate anemia/ pernicious anemia/ iron deficiency anemia. Fatigue and weakness due to low oxygen are common symptoms. If anemic, it is impossible to heal due to lack of oxygen to tissues.
  • Blood Sugar Imbalance – Too low = irritable/lightheaded if meals missed, jittery/anxious if meals missed, poor memory blurred vision, crave sweets, slow starter in the a.m. Too high = fatigue after eating, inability to lose weight despite low calorie diet, crave sweets, increased frequency of urination, increased thirst, high cholesterol, etc.
  • Adrenal Malfunction – fatigue, inability to deal with stress, you feel worn out, inability to lose weight, anxious, blood sugar issues, sleep issues (insomnia), muscle wasting/fat deposition, depression, tired upon waking even with long sleep, afternoon fatigue, weak nails, crave salt, dizziness when standing, etc.
  • Thyroid Malfunction – fatigue, depression, constipation, difficulty losing weight/weight gain, lack of motivation/mental sluggishness, thinning hair, dry hair/skin/nails, hair loss, cold hands/feet, etc.
  • Hormone Imbalances – anxiety, depression, fat deposition, mood swings, hot flashes, headaches/migraines, loss of motivation or zest for life, PMS, etc.
  • Brain Malfunction – brain fog, depression, poor memory, anxiety, chronic fatigue

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