Low thyroid ,headaches and mold exposure Tampa, FL

Toxic mold exposure, Low thyroid symptoms Brain fog constant headaches Poor memory extreme exhaustion Daily Headaches, Chronic pain.     Interviewer: Okay, so we have Jessica Turner here. Jessica Turner: Hi. Interviewer: Jessica, um, you came to our office about ...read more

Weight Loss, Brain Fog, low thyroid, low energy Tampa, FL

Ann was run down, tired. No energy and had brain fog. She relates her improvements and weight loss!     Interviewer: This is Ann. We’ve been working together for a couple of months now on some things. When she came ...read more

Free Thyroid Health Seminar Monday May 22rd, 2016

I want to personally invite you to a FREE Thyroid Recovery Workshop happening this Wednesday in South Tampa. It’s going to be this Monday May 23rd at 6:00pm Eastern 6:00pm! Please call 813-254-5200 to reserve your FREE seat for this ...read more

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