Free Thyroid Condition, Chronic Fatigue, and Autoimmune Seminar November 15th

Free Thyroid Condition, Chronic Fatigue, and Autoimmune Seminar
Wednesday, November 15th at our clinic at 6:15 PM
Parker Nutritional Healing Center
Are you suffering from Thyroid Problems? Chronic Fatigue? Brain Fog? Depression? Lack of motivation?  We are a Nutritional Healing Center..come learn how we find the source of the problem and fix you naturally!
This seminar will explain how our functional medicine and natural solutions will help holistic healing of your body.  We utilized a comprehensive approach to finding the root cause of your health issues and provide a step by step solution for healing. Please watch this intro video and case success story and call to come to the workshop!
  • Do you feel fatigued, tired or sluggish?
  • Do you have cold feet and/or hands?
  • Do you require excessive amounts of sleep to function?
  • Do you gain weight easily or have difficulty losing weight?
  • Do you have difficult or infrequent bowel movements?
  • Are you depressed?
  • Do you lack motivation?
  • Do you suffer from morning headaches that wear off?
  • Do you suffer from thinning hair or excessive hair falling out?
  • Do you suffer from dryness of the skin and/or scalp?
  • Do you suffer from mental sluggishness?

The above are all symptoms of Hypothyroidism, poor gut and brain function 

OR.. Are you on the opposite end of the spectrum?

Do you suffer from any of the below symptoms of Hyperthyroidism, poor gut and brain function?

  • Do you experience heart palpitations?
  • Do you suffer from inward trembling?
  • Do you have an increased pulse even at rest?
  • Are you nervous and/or emotional?
  • Do you suffer from insomnia?
  • Do you experience night sweats?
  • Do you have difficulty gaining weight?

This seminar is a can’t miss for anyone suffering from any of these symptoms

Here is what you’ll learn in this FREE Thyroid consultation:

Secret #1: Why you are taking thyroid hormones and you still feel lousy.

Secret #2: Why your Doctor says your lab values are normal when they really ARE NOT.

Secret #3: The 7 different patterns to thyroid problems and how only 1 requires hormone replacement.

Secret #4: Why Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis is really not a problem with your thyroid

Secret #5: Why doctors do not run complete thyroid blood tests such as thyroid antibodies

Secret #6: Natural solutions to correct your thyroid problems.

Call now to reserve a seat for our this seminar.


Parker Nutritional Healing Center
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Thank you,
Sincerely, and To Your Health,

Dr. John Parker DC
Dr. Alexa Parker DC

Parker Nutritional Healing Center
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